Volunteer Opportunities

The Heart & Hand Center depends heavily on our base of highly dedicated volunteers. Without the support of these devoted individuals, we would not be able to touch the lives of so many children in need.

Volunteer opportunities range from working directly with the children to assisting in fundraising efforts.   

School and Center Programs

Program volunteers directly impact the lives of Heart & Hand youth. They help the kids with their homework, tutor them, supervise activities, host workshops, conduct art-mentoring programs, and act as positive role models. Heart & Hand Center volunteers contribute an average of two to six hours per week with the children, and create close bonds with the children.

College and Career Program

 This program focuses on individualized post-secondary planning to promote success in high school and beyond. Volunteers can host workshops, support with college and job applications and skills, and support with the financial aid and scholarship process. 

Event and Service Volunteer Opportunities

The Heart & Hand Center also has opportunities that allow for a more flexible time commitment.  These include things like helping at a Heart & Hand event, hosting a fundraiser, offering administrative support, providing occasional IT support, donating graphic design talents, or any other way in which you feel you can contribute.  We are always looking for excited and talented individuals, and love finding new ways to get people involved with our organization.

The Heart & Hand Center is a 501(c)(3) organization - By creating a nurturing community, Heart & Hand empowers all young people to realize their potential.


2736 Welton St. #204  |  Denver, CO 80205 

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