The Heart & Hand Center is a 501(c)(3) organization - By creating a nurturing community, Heart & Hand empowers all young people to realize their potential.


2736 Welton St. #204  |  Denver, CO 80205 

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Meet Our Team

Kate Bishop

Development Coordinator

Troy Grimes

Program Director

Nikki Cady


Development Director

Blaine Heydt

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Cipollone

Executive Director

Maya McDowell

Elementary School

Program Manager


Jennifer Rivera

Family Development Program Manager

Cami Tam

College and Career Program Manager

Tim Wright

Elementary School Program Manager

Program Leaders

Brianna Benevides

Amy Bryant

Aa’jha Cortez

Khalil Kelley

Sarah Krantz

Maggie MacCready

Evan Thompson

Kenni Woodman-Horton

Our students shared what they love about their program leaders for Staff Appreciation Week!