Donor Spotlight: Gerardo Muñoz

"Caminante, no hay puentes, se hace puentes al andar./ Traveler, there are no bridges, we make bridges as we walk." -Gloria Anzaldua

Meet Gerardo “Gee” Muñoz! On July 26, Gee completed a 26.2 mile run to support

Black Lives Matter and bring a spotlight to Heart & Hand! We value his support of our work, and want to thank another amazing Heart & Hand partner. Gee’s efforts helped raise over $800.00 for our organization, and we are very grateful.

Born and raised in Denver, Gee graduated from Manual High School in 1994 and has remained in Denver. After graduating from CU, he began teaching for DPS where he has been for 21 years. For Gee, Denver is home, and he loves his community and people here.

Gee believes in supporting non-profits, especially those who provide skills and services to Denver's communities of color, and those most impacted by poverty, racism, and institutional oppression. Gee supports Heart & Hand for a number of reasons. “Firstly, the programming attempts to engage youth in important programming, and has continued to do so during the pandemic, adapting to continue to offer programming to families in quarantine. Heart & Hand has stated definitively that #BlackLivesMatter and named specific commitments to live those values organizationally, addressing their own challenges of representation and diversity with honesty and humility. Finally, Heart and Hand's people have demonstrated incredible passion and interest in serving those in need. And they're in the neighborhood of my youth.”

To our students, Gee says: “You are not the future. You are the present. Always believe in yourself, and always seek ways that you, in being exactly who you are can bring inspiration to others. There is a role for everyone in our movements. We need scientists, poets, engineers, mathematicians, writers, musicians, artists, businesspeople to uplift our communities. So keep learning about yourself, keep gaining tools, knowledge, and understanding from others, and ask all the questions that live in your heart and mind. Use your heart to find those in need and to engage in justice work, use your hands to be there for your community and loved ones. All of us means ALL of us.” We couldn’t agree more. Thank you Gee!

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The Heart & Hand Center is a 501(c)(3) organization - By creating a nurturing community, Heart & Hand empowers all young people to realize their potential.


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