Optum Digital Giving Tree

Spread holiday cheer this season by supporting Heart & Hand youth and their families. Your gift will support Heart & Hand's programming this month including special holiday activities like building gingerbread houses, learning about holidays around the world, and creating space for celebration during challenging times.

Make your donation by clicking the button below. Then check back soon to see a heart with your name on it added to the tree at the bottom of the page. Thank you for empowering families to flourish this holiday season!

Becca Williams
Steve Johnson
Trevon Jacobs
Jenny Liu
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Rosa Parks
Oprah Winfrey
Prince William
Lil B
Steve Carrel
Tyler the Creator
You've hit your goal and run out of hearts! Thanks also to:
George Clooney, Michael Jordan, Isaac Newton, Kamala Harris, John Oliver

Thank you for filling our hearts this holiday season!